Sunday, 11 October 2015

3 easy shoe repair techniques

Small defects in your shoes should not always be the reason for you to throw them away and buy new ones. But of course, if you work in a hazardous work environment where the safety of your shoes is essential, buy a new shoe by all means. Playing with the safety of your health to save a few bucks isn't at all advisable. That said, those of us who can make do with a few tiny repairs in our shoes should read these because it will save you a little money.

1. Soles apart floppy feet

Walking around with a floppy shoe like a penguin is embarrassing to say the least. In most shoe stores across Tanzania, you will find very good quality shoes supplied by footwear suppliers in India that will easily last you a long time, but if you bought really cheap shoes then be warned that they tend to come apart at the soles. If that happens, head to a shoe shop and get a tube of waterproof glue. It doesn’t cost a lot and you can apply it to many things. Apply it using a match stick or a knife observing minute caution while you do so. Once it's applied press the shoe and the sole together. Let it dry naturally for a period of 24 hours and you will be able to use it like nothing happened to it!

2. Torn straps or laces

This is the easiest of all damages that you can repair at home. In fact when you buy a shoe you almost expect the shoe lace to be the first victim of regular use. We tie our laces every day and let’s face it; we apply quite a lot of force in it when tying, so it’s only natural for it to break.


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