Sunday, 11 October 2015

3 easy shoe repair techniques

Small defects in your shoes should not always be the reason for you to throw them away and buy new ones. But of course, if you work in a hazardous work environment where the safety of your shoes is essential, buy a new shoe by all means. Playing with the safety of your health to save a few bucks isn't at all advisable. That said, those of us who can make do with a few tiny repairs in our shoes should read these because it will save you a little money.

1. Soles apart floppy feet

Walking around with a floppy shoe like a penguin is embarrassing to say the least. In most shoe stores across Tanzania, you will find very good quality shoes supplied by footwear suppliers in India that will easily last you a long time, but if you bought really cheap shoes then be warned that they tend to come apart at the soles. If that happens, head to a shoe shop and get a tube of waterproof glue. It doesn’t cost a lot and you can apply it to many things. Apply it using a match stick or a knife observing minute caution while you do so. Once it's applied press the shoe and the sole together. Let it dry naturally for a period of 24 hours and you will be able to use it like nothing happened to it!

2. Torn straps or laces

This is the easiest of all damages that you can repair at home. In fact when you buy a shoe you almost expect the shoe lace to be the first victim of regular use. We tie our laces every day and let’s face it; we apply quite a lot of force in it when tying, so it’s only natural for it to break.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Jobs, the Risks and Staying Safe at Work

Every job is serious and there are risks in everything no matter what the job is there will always be some danger associated with it. Employers have to deal with the risks at every step of their work and the only that keeps them from plunging to their deaths are safety harness and safety equipment that keep them in place. If even one of these safety harnesses or clamps fails or if the safety shoes lose grip then there will be nothing to prevent fatality! But did you know that the deadliest job isn’t on land? Keep reading.

The Killer Ocean
The creamy crab dish you had or the fried red prawns you see in the hotel menu have a history behind them. Brave fishermen risk their lives day in and out to get you the best fish right to your plate. In fact the risk is several times greater than fighter pilots who are safer in their cockpits. The sheer difference in number of deaths stands testimony to it. So next time you toss your fish away think of the dangers fishermen face to provide you that.
Dangerous Multi Rises & Industries
Only second to fishermen, the construction workers face certain death. One tiny mistake will take them several stories down on the concrete below and you can imagine the chances of surviving are very slim. Elsewhere consecution workers are tied to harnesses and other safety contraptions but here in India they have to make do with indigenous contraptions that are far below acceptable levels of safety.

A big reason why people succumb to their deaths both on land and in water is because they don’t have the right footwear for the job. Industrial Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India have produced enough good options for workers to pick from but unless workers adopt them the risks remain.

If you work in a dangerous workplace do consider investing in Industrial Safety shoes.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Finding authentic Supplier of Safety Shoes in India?

There are many authentic Supplier of Safety Shoes in India who provide service globally with graded products. Safety shoes are essential in lot of work environments because of its exposure to harsh conditions. Warrior offers a great quality of products to the industry and is renowned for its service to the international companies. Client testimonials for warrior are a proof of its timely supply and product innovation. It takes pride in being one of the leading Supplier of Safety Shoes in India and being recognized by international brand for its high quality safety shoe.

To find best safety shoe supplier, one should make sure of its global stand regarding quality approval and other is its supply to the desired region/country. Warrior has a cutting edge solution for all these and has a wide network of suppliers of their product available globally. Also with its certified technology for its protection techniques used in the shoes, it is accepted and withstand toughest of conditions in the industry.

With quality one needs to be assured of the cost of the product also. This apart from other features is one of the major issues in many companies since these shoes are ordered in bulk and for multipurpose. Made of premium materials and components; these shoes comply with the most stringent safety standards across globe, and thus, enable the wearer to be more effective and productive in his/her field. The professional gear is manufactured in compliance with Liberty’s next-generation techniques, and comprises of safety shoes for workers, sleek footwear for executives, and special footwear for the healthcare workers.

Tanzanian economy has boomed in many folds in last decade and our focus has been to provide the best of the quality to the workers working in various industrial segments there. The very purpose of the safety shoes from Warrior is to provide comfort to the workers who are continuously working towards the development of the country. To find a perfect Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India visit our contact page and feel free to inquire. We are sure to provide the best catering to your requirement.

Friday, 10 April 2015

How to Keep Your Feet Happy In Summers?

Summer can be hard on your feet. Heat, sun, and surf can take a toll on your feet and the Indian summers are also known for monsoonal rains too. So now you don’t only have sweat, there is also rain water seeping into your footwear that makes it even more difficult to keep your feet dry. But it doesn’t have to. These simple steps to fabulous summer feet will keep your feet healthy and looking their best during warm weather.

The right choice

Choosing the right footwear is necessary because it will not only protect your toes. Choose wisely and they can also protect you from slippery surfaces, exposed nails, cold temperatures, and even electrical charges. Now safety shoe suppliers in India make products a wide range, some may not facilitate easy breathing. In order to keep your feet dry and fresh in summers here are some handy tips that will keep your feet happy in summers.

Air your feet
If possible, avoid wearing closed shoes during summer months. Go with sandals or open-toed shoes. Open sole shoes are best in summers but perhaps your workplace policies don’t allow using them. Also, it is safer to wear appropriate footwear to keep your feet covered and air when you are off duty.

Throw Out Old Footwear and Get Some New

Worn-out, tattered shoes can cause blisters. Look carefully at your sandals and flip-flops from the previous summer and throw out any that seem worn. If in doubt, throw them out. If nothing else, you’ll have an excuse to go shoe shopping. Footwear Suppliers in India have the choicest of footwear for summers that will surely keep your feet in great shape and keep them fresh longer.