Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Jobs, the Risks and Staying Safe at Work

Every job is serious and there are risks in everything no matter what the job is there will always be some danger associated with it. Employers have to deal with the risks at every step of their work and the only that keeps them from plunging to their deaths are safety harness and safety equipment that keep them in place. If even one of these safety harnesses or clamps fails or if the safety shoes lose grip then there will be nothing to prevent fatality! But did you know that the deadliest job isn’t on land? Keep reading.

The Killer Ocean
The creamy crab dish you had or the fried red prawns you see in the hotel menu have a history behind them. Brave fishermen risk their lives day in and out to get you the best fish right to your plate. In fact the risk is several times greater than fighter pilots who are safer in their cockpits. The sheer difference in number of deaths stands testimony to it. So next time you toss your fish away think of the dangers fishermen face to provide you that.
Dangerous Multi Rises & Industries
Only second to fishermen, the construction workers face certain death. One tiny mistake will take them several stories down on the concrete below and you can imagine the chances of surviving are very slim. Elsewhere consecution workers are tied to harnesses and other safety contraptions but here in India they have to make do with indigenous contraptions that are far below acceptable levels of safety.

A big reason why people succumb to their deaths both on land and in water is because they don’t have the right footwear for the job. Industrial Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India have produced enough good options for workers to pick from but unless workers adopt them the risks remain.

If you work in a dangerous workplace do consider investing in Industrial Safety shoes.


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