Friday, 10 April 2015

How to Keep Your Feet Happy In Summers?

Summer can be hard on your feet. Heat, sun, and surf can take a toll on your feet and the Indian summers are also known for monsoonal rains too. So now you don’t only have sweat, there is also rain water seeping into your footwear that makes it even more difficult to keep your feet dry. But it doesn’t have to. These simple steps to fabulous summer feet will keep your feet healthy and looking their best during warm weather.

The right choice

Choosing the right footwear is necessary because it will not only protect your toes. Choose wisely and they can also protect you from slippery surfaces, exposed nails, cold temperatures, and even electrical charges. Now safety shoe suppliers in India make products a wide range, some may not facilitate easy breathing. In order to keep your feet dry and fresh in summers here are some handy tips that will keep your feet happy in summers.

Air your feet
If possible, avoid wearing closed shoes during summer months. Go with sandals or open-toed shoes. Open sole shoes are best in summers but perhaps your workplace policies don’t allow using them. Also, it is safer to wear appropriate footwear to keep your feet covered and air when you are off duty.

Throw Out Old Footwear and Get Some New

Worn-out, tattered shoes can cause blisters. Look carefully at your sandals and flip-flops from the previous summer and throw out any that seem worn. If in doubt, throw them out. If nothing else, you’ll have an excuse to go shoe shopping. Footwear Suppliers in India have the choicest of footwear for summers that will surely keep your feet in great shape and keep them fresh longer.


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